Fort Steuben Scout Reservation

Our Mission

Welcome to Fort Steuben Scout Reservation, a camp that you may truly call yours. At Fort Steuben, we pride ourselves on creating a platform for young men to grow, learn, and experience new opportunities that they would not be able to benefit from elsewhere. We understand that every Scout is not the same and their interests may vary; therefore, the goal of our program design is simple: to be able to accommodate each Scout’s respective personality with multiple experiences so that they may customize their own adventure.

New Career and “Taste of the Trades” Program Areas

Dirty Jobs
Our Dirty Jobs program area will allow Scouts to experience a “taste of the trades.” Merit Badges that will be offered include Woodworking, Plumbing, Electricity, and Home Repairs.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Scouts will have the opportunity to earn Merit Badges including Robotics, Sustainability, Space Exploration, and Mining in Society.

Public Safety
Scouts will have the opportunity to earn the Fire Safety, First Aid, Emergency Prep, Safety, Crime Prevention and Fingerprinting Merit Badges.

Horsemanship Merit Badge
The Horsemanship Merit Badge will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis in collaboration with The YMCA Camp Tippecanoe. The Merit Badge requires Scouts to participate in an offsite trip to the YMCA camp in order to fulfill requirements. The additional fee for the badge is $45 and the class is limited to ten participants per camp session.

Advancement At Fort Steuben

The merit badge system is the core of B.S.A. advancement and as such it is the foundation of our daily program. Merit badges are designed to introduce Scouts to new skills, experiences, and knowledge in a variety of different subjects, and at Fort Steuben we believe we have a duty to offer a diverse selection of quality merit badges to reflect this purpose. Our merit badge selection has grown to over 40 classes, and offers badges taught in program areas such as Ecology, Aquatics, Sports, STEM, Outdoor Skills, Shooting Sports, and Citizenship.

The Trailblazer Program was designed by our own Bill Kulstad, a registered Speech Pathologist and 30 year veteran of the Ohio public school system, as a way to introduce first-year Scouts to the excitement and adventure at Boy Scout Summer Camp.

Scouts who participate in the program will spend the week working on requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class ranks in the morning, while the afternoon will see them earning merit badges at Handicraft and the Waterfront. By the end of the week, scouts in the program should be nearly done with all of the requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class and have earned a few merit badges in the process. We do not sign off on requirements in the Scouts’ book; however, we provide documentation to Scoutmasters that serves as the record of the Scout’s advancement. We encourage Scoutmasters to reinforce the development of these skills by working with Scouts to verify the completion of these requirements.

Scouts who participate in the Trailblazer program will go on an overnighter held at an outpost outside of main camp on Thursday evening. Trailblazers should bring a backpack with them to camp in order to transport personal items to the overnighter site.

Eagle University
Our Eagle University Program area is for your more experienced scouts. The area offers Scouts the chance to work on merit badges that are required for the rank of Eagle Scout. Scouts must be at least a star rank to register for badges offered at Eagle U., and there are several pre-requisites for the badges offered here. Participants will join in discussion with other Scouts as they work on completing the citizenship Merit Badges and Communication. This is a great destination for Scouts who may be making a last minute push to qualify for the rank of Eagle. Class sizes are limited so be sure to register early!

F.S.S.R. Troop Programs

F.S.S.R. offers many opportunities throughout the week for your troop to enjoy spending time together. Programs include troop swims, morning polar bear swim, the dutch oven cook-off, Wednesday patrol style cooking in the campsite, Family Night campfire, and the Friday night recognition campfire.

Units may also sign up for troop archery or rifle shoots at the range, participate in a campsite gateway competition, Order of the Arrow activities, and camp-wide horseshoe or basketball tournaments.

Only at Fort Steuben!

Logan Camp Honors Program
Exclusive to F.S.S.R. the Logan Camp Honors program encourages and recognizes the Scout’s personal growth throughout his week at camp. Participants complete designated requirements throughout the week and on Friday evening their achievements a recognized in a unique, Native American themed ceremony. Logan is a five-level, five-year program, and a cornerstone of F.S.S.R.’s camper experience.
*A movie will be played at the dining hall on Friday nights for those who are not participating in the Logan program.

Ironman Race
Every Friday, Fort Steuben hosts its annual Ironman Race. Scouts who believe that they are physically strong enough are encouraged to compete in our triathlon that features a five- mile run, three-mile kayak, and one-mile swim. Both individual and team races will be held.

Camp-wide Get-Wet Day Every Tuesday after lunch, Scouts will be able to participate in a plethora of water activities such as slip-n-slide kickball, water-balloon toss, and slip-n-slide races.