Grab the Kleenex: ‘Families Like Mine’ videos will inspire you, recruit others

Originally posted on October 13, 2015 by in Cub Scouting

Brand awareness, that mountainous obstacle facing new companies and organizations who feel lucky if a quarter of Americans have heard of them, isn’t a problem in Scouting.

It seems everyone knows about Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and sees the value our organization offers to youth.

Our problem is a different one. It’s that some families out there don’t think Scouting is for them.

Let’s show them it is. Start by watching, downloading and sharing one or more of the BSA’s new “Families Like Mine” videos. 

I’ve blogged about these before, but the number of available videos has doubled since, including one video offered in both English and Spanish. So I’m sharing the others again; they’re that good.

These videos have immense recruiting potential, but their appeal doesn’t end there. I can see these being used during Friends of Scouting campaigns as a way to remind us all why we’re a part of this great movement called Scouting. Your FOS message: “Scouting changes lives, and here’s proof.”

Watch the videos below. After each one I’ve included the link to download the video, which will make it easy to show at an event without a reliable Internet connection.