How This Family Is Keeping The Scouting Tradition Alive

Originally posted on August 5, 2015 by Hayley Cordaro on Scouting Wire.

Grandfathers and dads have long shared the memories and experiences of their Scouting days, in hopes of continuing the tradition with their sons and grandsons. So when Priscilla Hedline of The Wheelchair Mommy heard of her husband’s memories and lifelong friendships from Scouting, she knew it would be the perfect program to introduce to her sons. Read on to find out how Scouting made a difference to this family and why parents new to Scouting should consider building the tradition in their family too.

New to the idea of Scouting, Priscilla didn’t initially grasp the influence of the movement, but her husband’s passion for the organization quickly brought her up to speed.

“Boy Scouts of America was a huge part of my husband’s childhood, so when we first met, he expressed a strong desire to have at least one son that he could pass the experience on to,” shared Priscilla. “I was never involved in anything like this growing up so I didn’t quite get the hype. Little did we know, we would be able to share the experience with not one but three boys.”

What’s more, Scouting introduced her husband to his lifelong best friend and she hopes the same experience will happen for her boys. She is also encouraging her boys to stick with the program all the way through Eagle Scout since one of her husband’s biggest regrets was missing out on the coveted rank.

“They will grow together, learn together, and change into young men together,” said Priscilla. “Maybe they will even work together as adults.”

Just as their dad and his best friend did before them.

Priscilla’s husband’s enthusiasm for Scouting opened an excited new world of possibilities for the family, inspiring a tradition for the family of three Cub Scouts.

Read more about Scouting’s influence on Priscilla’s family by checking out the full story on her blog, The Wheelchair Mommy, and share in the comments below how Scouting has become a tradition in your family.