I See A Bright Future For My Son

Call me silly, but if I can enrich my son’s life, I will jump through fire to do so! And at this point in our lives, I see a bright future for my son, Gavin in the Boy Scouts! And I know this has to be a safer alternative for him and for me. All kidding aside, when a parent looks for programs and activities to enroll their children in, Boy Scouts should be their number one choice.

Boy Scouts has taught Gavin to navigate through life’s challenges with elevated self-confidence. He is learning the courage and bravery to try new adventures and skills that he may not have learned through his school, our church, or me. Gavin appears to be gaining the ability to look at everyday tasks, and learn to solve obstacles with little help from me. This is encouraging to me and will keep my son engaged in the Scout program, and his school activities.

Gavin’s face lights up when telling me about his Scouting adventures. Some have been a challenge for him, but he has persevered. With assistance and guidance from his Scout leaders, he has accomplished so much. These are the value-based experiences that he will reflect on and remember as he enters adulthood.

My son is learning marksmanship, canoeing, fire safety (not fire jumping, thank goodness), and cooking, to name a few of the lessons. He is being taught life lessons on becoming a good citizen. And for these things, I am thankful for the Boy Scouts.

These are the moral lessons that he will use to carry him through life’s journey.

Boy Scouts are a family. It is a community that will continue to grow leaders out of these young men. My son may not know what opportunities lie ahead of him, but the insight he is gaining in the Scouting program will let him have the foresight to look at new beginnings with fresh, open eyes. Eyes that will help grow pride and community and to always help others!

The Boy Scout program and leaders are inspirational to our youth. The program will shape our youths’ lives. I am confident that my Scout will succeed and every Scout in the program has the same opportunity.

~Tom, dad of Gavin – Boy Scout