Order of the Arrow

National Order of the Arrow Service Award Recipient



Spring Fellowship  March 12-13-14, 2021

Onondaga Lodge #36 gathers for fellowship and cheerful service at Fort Steuben Scout Reservation.

Register at https://scoutingevent.com/619-OASF

A weekend of Fellowship and Cheerful Service. As of right now we are planning for the whole weekend but as we near the event we will keep your safety in mind.

COVID 19 Reminder:

  • Masks must be worn at all appropriate times.
  • Personal tents will be used for your sleeping accommodations.
  • Bring and use hand sanitizer.
  • If you have not filled out and turned in a waiver, be sure bring signed one with you.

2021 Lodge Officers

Lodge Adviser: ————————————————————— Rob Crow  (740) 827-8274   mecrow@comcast.net

Lodge Chief: —————————————————————-    John Yaron

Executive Vice Chief: —————————————————–    Kaden Minch

Vice Chief of Program: —————————————————    Nathan Weekley

Vice Chief of Records: —————————————————-    Sebastian Lewis

Vice Chief of Communications: —————————————-   Caeden Carroll

Vice Chief of Public Service: ——————————————       Ryan Kasik

Vice Chief of Ceremonies: ———————————————–   Roy Shrieve

Staff Advisor: ————————————————————–   Cody Stepanek


AWARDS COMMITTEE:  Compiles list of awards to be presented to Lodge members at the Winter Banquet.

PATCH DESIGN COMMITTEE:  Creating new patch designs.

AIA COMMITTEE:  Responsible for AIA Weekend and nominating AIA person for FSSR Summer Camp to oversee Call-out Ceremonies an OA Summer Welcome Fellowship.

EVENTS COMMITTEE:  Plans Fellowship Weekends and certain aspects of Ordeal Weekends.

WINTER BANQUET COMMITTEE:  Assist with planning the Lodge Winter Banquet each year.

CULINARY COMMITTEE:  Responsible for menu planning and preparing all meals for Lodge events

HISTORY COMMITTEE:  Maintains notes and data to update the Lodge history book.

VIGIL COMMITTEE:  Plans vigil Night and must be a Vigil Honor member.

RECORDS COMMITTEE:  Keeps membership information updated and responsible for notes and minutes of monthly Lodge forums.

BROHTERHOOD COMMITTEE:  Assist Ordeal members to complete their Brotherhood honor in the Lodge.

UNIT ELECTIONS COMMITTEE:  Responsible for contacting troops and conducting elections.

TRAINING COMMITTEE:  Conducts and manages training at Lodge fellowship events.

SOCIAL MEDIA COMMITTEE:  Responsible for flow of Lodge information on Facebook and through emails.

NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE:  Compiles Lodge information to produce Smoke Signals and News and Notes for the Council Trailblazer.

ELANGOMAT COMMITTEE:  Train new Elangomats and maintain the program for Ordeals. Responsible for selection of Elangomats for each Ordeal.

REGALIA COMMITTEE:  Responsible for maintaining regalia for use at AOL, Cross-overs and all ceremonies.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onondaga36/

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