Council Camp properties are available to ORVC units or other ORVC scouting groups, on a limited basis and with restrictions, starting July 15, 2020, until further notice. Prior registration is required for any use of Sandscrest or Fort Steuben properties. Campsites, pavilions, shelters, latrines, shower and restroom facilities will remain open and available.
Effective October 20, 2020 – Buildings will be open for Council/District meetings or program only. Sleeping overnight in buildings is prohibited.

All reservations and requests for use of FSSR or Sandscrest must come to the office by phone (304) 277-2660 or via email, cecilia.einloth@scouting.org or lori.abraham@scouting.org.  Any use of an ORVC property by a unit, group of scouts and scouters, or individuals REQUIRES a formal request.

Reservations for use of a campsite or other area must be paid at least two weeks in advance or you will be notified the reservation has been cancelled. If a payment is made and the reservation is cancelled two weeks before, a refund to the unit account will be made. Facilities are on a first come, first serve basis.

Requests to come to the property for the purpose of an organized work day must be made by contacting FSSR Ranger, Rob Sparks (304) 639-4513 directly or for SSR by contacting Cecilia at the Scout Office (304) 277-2660 at least 3 days in advance. 

The ORVC reserves the right to cancel any reservation or request for use with advance notice and full refund.

View Visitor Expectations:  FSSR | Sandscrest          

Required Waivers:  Youth Member  |  Adult Member  |  Adult Volunteer

Contains steps that scouts, leaders, other volunteers and families are advised or required to take to Restart Scouting.
Recommendations by BSA & information from the CDC. Contains the Restart Scouting Checklist and Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist. 
Contains required forms for registered youth & adults, and non-member volunteers.  Includes Restart Scouting Unit Checklist, waivers, and medical forms. 

Contains an Incident Reporting Flow Chart and Incident Reporting forms.