Scouting Accommodates Every Child

Lesley’s son, Logan is 15 years old and has been a Scout for the past seven years. Logan has ADHD and is also lacking a growth hormone in his body that means he is very small for his 15 years. Continue reading to hear Lesley’s perspective on what Scouting has done for her son.

Scouting accommodates every child, I feel that is one of the most important aspects of Boy Scouts. It does not matter the child’s circumstances. The Boy Scouts are very accepting of Logan and because of his involvement in Scouting, his self-confidence is boosted and he is thriving in Scouts, despite his health obstacles.

Logan strives to achieve his badges, whether he is working independently or with his troop. He is determined to learn the new skills for each badge. Logan used to goof around a lot, but through Scouting, he now steps up to do the right thing and focuses on what it takes to earn his next badge. Logan has learned to cook, camp, garden, and other valuable life skills as a result of being a Scout.

I love that Logan is becoming a productive young man. Scouting has instilled morals and respect into his life. He truly enjoys spending time with his troop as they assist in many community outreach events. From crowd control to litter pick up, Logan is making his mark on the world.

Logan is also more ambitious than ever before; he plans on working toward Eagle Scout. He is currently taking a pre engineering class and 3D printing in school. I am excited about Logan’s future and Scouts has played a large role in molding my son and many other young men.

I am confident that Boy Scouts will continue to accommodate Logan. He is learning to adapt without his medications and he is doing great! The future is bright for Logan and all children in this program. Every Boy Scout is unique and they are continually encouraged through the Boy Scouts and the Leaders, who offer their time to these young men, to “Do Your Best.”

~Lesley, a grateful Scout mom