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2024 Popcorn ORDERS/SALES Timeline:

Online Sales:

Begins July 31 to December 31, 2024

Show and Sell Orders:

Tuesday, September 3, 2024—place order online (Opens September 1)

Wednesday, September 25, 2024—Show and Sell Pick Up at Carenbauer ‘s Warehouse

Show and Sell and Take Orders Begin Saturday, September 27, 2024

Show and Sell and Take Orders Ends Sunday, October 27, 2024

Take Orders:

Monday, October 28, 2024—place order online

Monday, October 28, 2024— All Show and Sell is returned-except popping corn

Prize Orders:

Monday, October 30, 2023—All Prize Orders are due-No orders will be accepted after November 13, 2024

Wednesday, November 13, 2024All Popcorn Money is DUE

Wednesday, November 13, 2024—Popcorn is Picked Up at Carenbauer ’s Warehouse

Sale Reminders:

  • Only one popping corn can be ordered for show and sell no returns
  • Damaged Popcorn Product: You MUST tell us immediately there is any damage-otherwise there is not much we can do and we can’t take it back—and we can’t give a credit if you wait to the end of the sale to tell us there was damaged product.
  • BE SURE your scouts and Especially their parents know what unit they are in…Pack 87 or Troop 87 or Crew 87


  • NO SHOW AND SELL RETURNS will be accepted after noon on Monday, October 28, 2024.
  • No returns on the Purple Popping Corn Jar.
  • All Payments are due into the Scout Office before Noon on Wednesday, November 13, 2024.


As your popcorn sale is finishing up…

  • Have you turned in the name and amount sold by your scouts that sold $1000 or more to Lori at the scout office?
  • Have you placed your final order on the Campmasters Website (the one entry email you received at the beginning of the sale) no later than Monday, October 28? Remember the system will not let you enter sales in after that date and time.
  • Have you paid your popcorn invoice (minus your % Commission)? Payment of all Popcorn is due before Wednesday, November 13, 2024.
  • Have you placed your prize order? Prize orders need to be placed before November 13, 2024. Remember we cannot approve your prize order until you have paid your popcorn invoice. Don’t forget to order your patches and pins in that prize order for your scouts. Pins for selling online, military sales, and the top seller in your unit over $1000. Don’t forget to order the Bonus Club prizes for those selling $1000 or more and the $3000 & Up Club.


2024 Take Order Product Line Up:

Commission-updating soon

Straight Commission 33% and Offering a 40% incentive…

“Scouting is more important and relevant today than ever before!  The values and leadership skills taught through the Boy Scouts of America program continues to have a positive impact on youth and families.  It’s important for us to continue rebuilding Scouting this fall in our communities and expanding to more youth and families.  To do that, Ohio River Valley Council is pleased to provide a bonus commission on this fall’s sale for those units that grow their impact the most.

PACKS:  Earn a total of 40% sales commission if your pack’s membership doubles by October 31!

TROOPS/CREWS:  Earn a total of 40% sales commission if your troop’s membership increases by 50% by October 31!

Bonus commission will be based on registered youth membership on June 30, 2023 and October 31, 2023. (Please see attached for Goals per Units.)  Packs must have at least 20 registered Scouts to qualify for commission.  Troops and crews must have at least 10 registered Scouts to qualify for commission.  Multiple (non-paid) youth registrations do not count towards registered Scout goal.”


Stay up to date on at www.campmaster.org

There’s an App for that!

Easy for Scout’s to use and here’s and easy to follow guide: CAMP MASTERS Scout App

For Scouts: How to add the App to your phone Video!

For Unit Leaders: How to add the App for your unit to your phone Video! How to send the one time access link to your Scouts Video!

Credit Card Sales

NEW INFORMATION ON A NEW SYSTEM check out the video here.

Leader’s Corner

How to Place the Order: Unit Leaders how to order

Sales Tools:  https://www.campmasters.org/sales-tools

When the Sale ends: https://www.campmasters.org/post-sale

Scouts BSA Merit Badges: https://www.campmasters.org/merit-badge

Scout and Families Corner

How to Place your Take Order: Scouts how to enter orders

How to Set up your Scouts Account. How To Video for Parent Email!  How to Video for Scouts with Email!

Check out the Download section at the bottom of page for Creating Scout Account and How to make a Great Profile.

Check out how to PROMOTE YOURSELF on line Video.

Selling Tips and Safety: https://www.campmasters.org/selling-tips-and-safety-tips


Camp Master’s High Achievers Awards: https://www.campmasters.org/high-achiever-prizes

$1500 Club: Scouts who sell $1500 in product will received their choice of : SOS Survival Kit, 6-in-1 Cooking Multi-Tool, Hanging hammock W/Hardware or Wood handle Knife w/clip and BSA Branding, and the K-Club Party with the Wheeling Nailers.

Prize Sheet highlights:

  • Sell One Item – receive a popcorn patch
  • Prizes start at the $250 Level (Sell $250 choose a prize)
  • Prize Levels $250 – $375 – $575 – $825 – $1250 – $1650 – $2000 – $2750- $3500 – $5000
  • Bonus Club-$1500 Club
  • High Achievers Prizes Sell $3000 and up Club
  • Sell $400 online and earn $10.00 Amazon Gift Card (will receive through your email)
  • And there are Pins for selling Online sales, and Top Seller of $1000 in your unit and a patch for Military Sales


Grab these resources today. 

CAMP MASTERS wants this year’s sale to be a successful one for your Council, Units & Scouts. We’re excited to share these new items to help kickstart online sales with a POP this weekend.

But first, make sure your Scouts are ready to sell with these resources!

Scouts Self-Registration Instructions:
Written Instructions
With parent/guardian email
With scouts email

Creating Your Scout Profile in CAMP MASTERS:
Instructional Video
Bio Template

Adding CAMP MASTERS App to your Smart Phone:
For Scouts
For Unit Leaders
Sending Scouts their Sign On Link (for Unit Leaders) – important step!

Once Scouts are registered, and their bios created, it’s time to PROMOTE POPCORN!

Look for these marketing items in your materials folder.

  • Popcorn Bingo Card: choose the items you want Scouts to sell and award prizes for earning their BINGO! Aloha Council increased sales by $600 per Scout last year.
  • Scout Business Card: add your key code and hand this card to people in your local community so they can support your sale.
  • Door Hanger: add your key code and leave this on door knobs or use a rubber band to secure to mailbox flags in your community neighborhoods.
  • Window Clings: add your key code and display these in windows at businesses and other high traffic areas around your community.
  • Car Magnets: have parents, family, friends and volunteers support local Scouts by adding a promo magnet to their cars.
  • Flyers: leave these on bulletin boards, in businesses or ask your local grocer to put one in every customer bag at checkout.


Contact Melissa or Lori 304.277.2660 or by email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Have you tried?????

  • Camp Masters loves the following browsers: Firefox and Google Chrome!
    • Comcast Users—if you are having trouble getting emails from Camp Masters, you need to go into your settings and 1. add [email protected] to your email address book o 2. in your security settings unblock [email protected].—this should solve emailing issues.
Housekeeping notes:
  • Once you enter the Campmaster system through the email you received at the beginning of the sale-be sure to record each sale under the youth(s) that sold. This plays into your favor because you will be able to pull what is called a pick list that is like a packing list for their sale (makes pulling their popcorn easier)
  • Point to note – you do not have to record each scout’s home address when entering their sale-it is not required.
  • Point to note – when you have entered their sale you can mark them paid, which will come in handy later on as you collect money.
  • Reminder: you can change-delete-redo any of the scouts sales until you submit to council.
  • Don’t forget as soon as your popcorn order is paid in full your prizes will be release. All prizes must be placed by December 1, 2024.
  • Which brings me to the ordering the Prizes: you will go through your email portal just like you would ordering popcorn. On your dash board there is a link that says Order Prizes-click on that link-it will launch to the Keller Prize page-follow the prompts and you will be able to order your prizes.
  • Remember when ordering your prizes to order your pins for online sellers and military sales and don’t forget to order your patches.
  • When filling take orders from your show and sell inventory, be sure to mark those items as delivered. This will reduce the amount of the Unit’s take order and save you from unwanted inventory.
  • Don’t forget to order your Military Donations. Otherwise they won’t be ordered and sent to our service personnel.